JANFP4Health “EU4Health Action Grants” 24.05.2022


JANFP4Health “EU4Health Action Grants” 24.05.2022 (10.30 – 12.00)

The “Joint Action on increasing the capacity of National Focal Points (NFPs) – NFP4Health”, funded under the European Public Health Programme, aims to contribute at creating an innovative, sustainable, and coherent network of National Focal Points that will increase the capacity of Member States to design and create sustainable actions to promote the achievement of the health objectives for the period 2021-2027.

In the framework of WP6’s activities “Capacity building for national focal points”, it will be held on May 24 the second appointment “EU4Health Action Grants” of the Training Plan targeting both technical and soft skills.

The objective of the session is to provide NFPs and stakeholders with a general overview of the EU4Health Action grants, with a specific focus on the management.

The webinar will be broadcasted on ProMIS YouTube Channel.




JANFP4Health “EU4Health Action Grants” 24.05.2022 (10.30 – 12.00)

La Joint Action “Increasing the capacity of National Focal Points (NFP) – NFP4Health”, finanziato a valere sul Programma europeo Salute Pubblica, ha l’obiettivo di contribuire a creare una rete innovativa, sostenibile e coerente di National Focal Point che aumenterà la capacità degli Stati membri di progettare e creare azioni sostenibili volte a promuovere il raggiungimento degli obiettivi sanitari per il periodo 2021-2027.

Nell’ambito delle attività del Pacchetto di Lavoro “Capacity building for national focal points (WP6)”, il 24 maggio si terrà il secondo appuntamento “EU4Health Action Grants” del Training Plan finalizzato ad incrementare le technical e le soft skills.

L’obiettivo della sessione è quello di fornire ai NFPs, e agli stakeholders coinvolti, una panoramica generale sui bandi di EU4Health, con un focus specifico sulla gestione.

Il webinar verrà trasmesso live sul Canale YouTube ProMIS.

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Mag 25 2022


10:30 - 12:00


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